Dear millennials,

Please stop. 

You’re literally using that word all wrong mmk? 

The word you are probably searching for is figuratively. 

Google it I can’t be bothered at the moment but trust me…

Ya sound like an illiterate ass ok I said it. Don’t be that guy. 


21 thoughts on “Literally 

    1. Ya you’re right, thank you! This means not only am I a hypocrite but an OLD one….raging fists in the air about “kids these days!” Thx for the comment you made me think and I like that (:

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  1. Ah shit! I have such a problem with people who say literally. They rarely if ever use it in the correct context. It’s like they heard a word consisting of more than two syllables and thought “I must use that word all the time to sound more intelligent”

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    1. Yes! I believe that is exactly the reason lmao. However I found another blog post like this and it seems Webster’s has changed the definition to fit the new use. Which made my heart die a little but…I’ll try to find the link if you want. Thx for the support tho! Kids these days :p

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      1. They’ve changed the definition? What the fuck?! So by that yardstick they could take any word and just change its meaning. Literally means literally. It can’t mean anything else! That’s made me angry in a passive way

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      2. Right?! It’s like printing money that word is useless now. Lol@passive that’s pretty cute personally I wanted to burn all dictionaries. And millennials. Ok not the ppl but the books maybe. E.

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      3. Yeah, it made me angry to the point where I say I’m angry, but don’t do anything to physically display my anger. Haha.

        But yeah, that shit is ridiculous. I just looked literally up now and it’s there with an ‘informal’ meaning. Get to fuck! Get directly to fuck!

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      4. Get to fuck is very much a British thing I think. I often say GTF because kids and shit. Nothing beats anger like a good tirade of swear words. I’d say I use them only in anger, but that’d be a lie. I could be happier than a man that jumped out of a plane without a parachute and landed directly in the hot tub at the Playboy Mansion and still swear my head off

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      5. Hahahaha 😂
        Swearing is an art imo….gotta be done with some style. Jumping out of a plane into the bunny tub is pretty damn stylish.


  2. This is something that always pisses me off, along with ‘I was thinking in my head’. Yeah. Where else are you going to think? Another: ‘right now, at this time.’ OMG. I want to scream.

    Yeah, they literally changed the definition so those who use it wrong are now right.


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    1. I mean what’s the world coming to right?! Kids these days! lol you’re so right tho and it IS irritating but I’m supposed to be minusing (just made up a word take that millennials!) my rage lol. Ps I’m probably gonna say some stuff like that you may wanna unfollow :p also the making up of words thing do that a lot too…I respect your choice either way lol. Xoxo

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      1. Yes, oddly, I like making up words and using nouns as verbs, and the like. Why things like literally’s use disturbs me, idk. The Brits and Aussies are terrific at using words in inventive ways. I like that and try adapting these ways in my writing to move it out of standard American idioms.

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      2. They do say some cute shit I agree lol. I like an artful use of words, regardless of grammar or whatever…maybe that’s you too? Like say fk all day just pls do it right lol.

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