Mama Says…

The road to hell is paved with good intentions…”

Wtf does that even mean, Ma, really. 

I’m pretty sure good intentions are all I got. 

Guess I’m going to hell.

Cya there!



35 thoughts on “Mama Says…

    1. lol than have I got some stories for you! If you enjoy punching things and stupid religious theories that is. But don’t hurt the tree it has nothing to with any of this it’s just pretty (;

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      1. Theories as stupid as the earth being flat and at the centre of all creation? I just imagine devout catholics ritualistically burning effigies of Galileo every time Io, Europa, Ganymede and Calisto are in view around Jupiter.
        The tree is safe for now. I may hit Assassin’s Creed Syndicate later and kill make-believe people instead

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      2. Hahahaha not one fk was given he was totally honey badger about the whole thing.
        Except he wasn’t lol. I want to go all out and tell you his life story but how annoying is that lol. I will recommend The Tudors (it’s on Hulu and Netflix) bc it’s a great show and ofc Henry is the center.
        He changed the world forever imo we may all still be slave to the pope if not for henry wanting to bang another lady haha. Yay history! Yay love affairs!

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      3. It’s a series I do intend to watch at some point. I loved The Borgias and heading into watching the show with some background knowledge helped a lot. The cast was brilliant. I can imagine The Tudors is every bit as good. I finally have one of those boxes where you can stream basically anything so I’ll definitely get around to it. Perhaps during the mid-season break of The Walking Dead. Period TV shows (when done properly) are fantastic. I’m definitely intrigued by Henry VIII. And Richard III who was allegedly massively misquoted and nowhere near the tyrant people believe he was

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      4. I need to watch the Borgias heard it was pretty neat. Imo the Tudors is well done, but tv is never perfect with their historical accuracy lol. And that’s king Richards of Robin Hood right? lol forgive me most of the history I know is self taught.

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      5. No, they change bits for entertainment value and even add characters. The Borgias is no exception.
        Richard III was the hunchback king. Most people assume he was the man portrayed in the Shakespeare play called Richard III (unbelievably! It contains the famous ‘now is the winter of our discontent’ line), but he wasn’t actually as much of an arsehole as he’s made out to be in the play

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      6. I don’t think he was considered crazy as such. I watched a show once where they actually found his remains buried somewhere which confirmed he had in fact been a ‘hunchback’; that is to say he had abnormal curvature of the spine. The belief is he died from getting thrown off his horse during battle because he couldn’t balance properly thanks to his condition.
        How am I remembering all of this?! Haha

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      7. I couldn’t answer that question. I don’t think he was anything to do with the War of the Roses. Don’t quote me on it, but I think that was a Lancashire versus Yorkshire thing because they’re represented by red and white roses respectively. As a Lancashire lad you’d think I’d know…

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      8. Those are indeed the families and roses yep…but you’re prob right I do mix up my timelines a lot lol. But…that war started for a reason meaning something had to be wrong with the current king right? lol idk. I should quit being lazy and just google ffs I’m sorry haha

        But yeah dude you should know your history if you live there…what’re you American? Hahahaha

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      9. Haha. I’m not very interested in British history to be honest. I think the histories of other countries are far more fascinating. Not that there haven’t been some fascinating periods of British history of course.
        Kings and queens usually got usurped because somebody else wanted the throne so they’d form an army, invade, kill everybody pretty much and claim the throne for their own. Imagine if shit still worked that way now…

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      10. So we revolt overthrow the current system, and make trade a thing again. Knowledge being the highest value obv…sounds like a plan to me I’m in!


  1. Ha, dunno if you really wanna know but it’s supposed to mean don’t just intend good things, but take action… of course things can often all go to shit when someone acts on their ‘good’ intentions anyway… so… I’d prefer to say “no good deed goes unpunished”

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