Worth It.

Well I went back here

Unfortunately I have to agree. 

I can’t really know if this is true. But if it is…

Look I see all the bad/weird/crazy out there and I don’t mean us lol. I like us..so do you (:

So not out of touch I’m just…processing. And so are you. And that’s ok. 

Actually it’s a hell of a lot better than the other option. Fake smile Pinterest mom is the new Stepford Wife lol. It’s like everybody makes you feel like sad panda. Not cool. 

Girls, ffs, be nice. I mean even to each other. Especially to each other. I haven’t had luck with female role models…or male really. I ended up with a saint of a stepdad (I call him dad) but the act of leaving…the effect my fathers betrayal left on us..I mean it’s a thing. There’s fuck all you can do about it. Sometimes we’re effected by the choices of others. Actually I think we always are…

Sometimes it’s forever. I try to embrace it…

And I know I don’t make any sense…

But if this is true and I can effect your mood or whatever it said lol…

It’s ok. ^shrug^ 

You’re ok.  Even if you’re not. 

It’s Christmas and if you’re like me you’re maxing yourself out more than anybody’s credit…

Don’t. Trust me. It’s awkward at first but prioritize. 

For me, I wanna say kids but it’s Hub. 



…obligations. Not that we don’t wanna see the fam, but we’re the one with kids. And a half broken mother lol. They all know this we are “straight strugg” (lol Hub)so like…well be here…

Just be the best whatever you you are today. Own it baby, lol. If you suck, you suck. Happens to me quite a lot. Maybe I’m wrighting to me. Apparently I do that. 

And I have too many cigarettes and so much to say idk…

Anyway go check out the cite! It’s kinda fun even if you’re not exploring…

I think I’ll never attach to any religion/faction again. 

I think I’ma make a salad bar out of the whole thing. 


Come at me as a human, be treated as such! Or better probably I’m easily excited. 

But if I can put a vibe out in to the world..

Breath. Spend five minutes maybe with yourself and feel. Ugh…I hate it too but you need to know this is adulting. ..lol so the mama picture was pretty accurate obviously. 

Whole thing kinda was. .no it was. 

Anyway the featured image is my own artwork (not that gorgeous one in the screen shot…I could not find a link to the artist so maybe it’s the work of that site?

It was my first. Learning how to use the tablet and pen was like nothing for me. Dunno why I just took to it…anyway I didn’t I know where to start so I experimented with light and shadow until an image appeared. Broke it down like that piece by piece…slowly. 

That is my advice. And my er…what was it? The feels, you know…

It’d be just a touch of introspection and I dunno…

Be ok with you for a sec and put on that smile (if you must) as a favor. Yeah that’s right you still got you’re power and stuff. 

Chill. (: 

Xoxo e.



14 thoughts on “Worth It.

      1. Brand new day here. Yet to be touched by human hands. Yet to encounter an idiot.
        Bring it on. Best wishes for Christmas. Midsummer last night

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  1. I hear you. I stay away from people when I feel they are wrong for me, or when they are psychic vampires. There are a lot of them. I pick up on too much stuff and life’s too short to be bogged down by others. Religion is the most destructive force on the planet. It’s a death cult of epic proportion. Your artwork is fabulous and I hope you are having a great Xmas week. It’s funny, because I wanted my father to leave. He made my mom sad by constantly cheating on her. When I was in grade school I begged her to leave him but she wouldn’t. So, that’s when I decided that people get what they ask for. I knew I would never be like the women I knew and I’m not.

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    1. As always you are so right (: thx for that. Ugh religion…I could go for days on that lol. I agree tho for sure. I had a similar mom/dad thing and yes she stayed and yes she paid for it but atleast I learned what NOT to do. Spot on again (: xoxo

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  2. Right below you on that scale, with the same second chakra issue. Know any good second chakra repair shops? Also need the protection tools. This all makes so much sense for me.

    Haven’t had a beer in ten days, wine in two weeks. I think I’ll open a little red tonight. Cheers

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  3. Happy holidays, Echo… and Happy New Year! Would you link me up with that cool site where we took the personality test that you loved so much? I want to feature that on the Mindful Journey blog. As usual, you are awesome. Thanks much. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oops was busy with holidays I’m sorry! It’s called 16personalities.com hope I’m not too late! Also merry Christmas and happy news yrs to you as well! (Also belated eep sorry)xoxo

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