I’ve been kinda busy…

As usual life shifted unexpectedly and well…you saw the pic. lol

Don’t worry we didn’t make him wear em…they were too big. 

He’s a Japanese Chin…3months old and already knows it’s a tough old world. 

The kind hearted owner (more of a rescue sometimes) has been nursing puppy to health while he recovered from pneumonia. He wasn’t quite sure about letting him go, we stopped by for a visit tonight to check in bc he was worried about the lil guy. 

Well the lil guy is a monster lol. Not really but it does remind me of the kids in their toddler years omg…but he’s very smart, sensitive, and has definitely attached to me. I’d say he for sure picked us. Hub and I had been talking about a possible chihuahua in the distant future because they came so highly recommended by my dear Darie73 but were also actively pursuing a huge life goal at the mo so I did not expect…this

He loves being cuddled. So does Hub, clearly. 

So we met him at the store one night before picking the kids up from a sleepover. We couldn’t stop thinking about him so we did more research and some talking and the next morning he was home, in Hubs pocket and all of our hearts. 

I cannot explain to you what he means to me, or how much I love said Blogger for suggesting a lil friend like him. He’s a handful for sure…it’s like having a toddler again! But he gives so much

Worth it.  

Names are important to me and usually I’m pretty good at it (imho) but this time we phoned a friend so to speak. A friend of the Hubs of Japanese descent suggested Kazuki which he says means “harmonious peace”. Keep meaning to look up the written characters in Japanese but like I said…I’ve been busy. 

And I love it. I bitch sometimes and I’ve been a little overwhelmed but yeah…so worth it. 

I can’t wait to photobomb the hell out of a future post. He’s very photogenic. 

But it’s (another) snow day for the kids and Zuk is suddenly out of sight so I’m busy now too. Later tho…



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