As Promised…

I said I’d do it so I am. You’d think I’d have more fun but weirdly it was a very blah day for me. I feel…empty. 

Anyways..cuteness time! 

Prepare yourselves…

Made this “scrap rug” bc it was all the Pinterest rage a few yrs ago but Omg what a pain in the ass. Like all Pinterest raves I suppose. It’s clearly hideous but it’s a big crochet rag rug not even finished…it’s obviously a dog toy/bed. Kazuki has claimed it and I could probably get rich making these things on Etsy or something but…

Hub made this today. Amazing right? I love lettering but Japanese characters? I hear their kinda tough…

He’s so alert! Not sure what really grabbed his attention here so I had some fun with the pic editing app. He comes in peace. 


The little measuring spoon I use to give him his coconut oil in the morning. Appropriate no?


Told ya he’s super. 



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