Missippi Queen 

Stuff&Things ofc…


lol subtitle Theorapy and also Life 

So I love The Regular Show and that song was on and when it is what else can you say…?

Could have also titled this In Which Life Shits and I forgot my Umbrella…

But I like positive stuff. Honest ok briefly…landlord is passing this home on to his kids (not dead just…his biz lol not mine) so we’ve been spending every second trying to find a new place in so many ways and then some crazy honesty happened at the end of some intense exhaustion and we bought a townhouse. lol. The end. (:

So the therapy. 


But cannot wait to lose the yellow walls. I love yellow. 

Not on walls. Pls. Don’t do it. Unless you’re super creative and classy in a way I can’t imagine just…pls don’t. I heart you anyway but I’ll extra not wanna be in your pictures. 

Anyway. That guy on the cover (and that cover oh. my. god. There’s more I’ll show ya once I ditch the yellow.) is my therapy. I’ll explain more later if I can I’ll probably just sound “weird” but…meh. 

Oh and I’ve learned a lot. Not all Zuk related either. Some of them will sound really stupid to some of you. Skip it. Others will be kinda weird maybe even interesting but they will be true. At least from my point of view. 

But not tonight. I’m trying to take some charge of my life and that starts in about 5hrs. 

Ps can I just say my neighbors are honking like crazy? I swear it’s been a full minute and then some clearly pissed off jamming…lol. Just saying. Had a summer of swamp stories this yr maybe it’ll be neighbors…

But mostly I’ll just say stuff when I have to. 

…that came out wrong. When I feel compelled…?

I heart you… 

Anyway one thing I learned is that I follow the lights. You know those cute little battery powered lights you can do anything with? Yeah if I put those on just the right timers in just the right rooms, I’m a lot more likely to follow the Life patterns I want (like going to bed on time lol ) so I’m slowly stocking up on those.  

I’ll Pinterest fail all over this bish soon I promise. I have a few already 😉. 

I’m also against lactaid and that sugar stuff they make. Well I don’t know anything about the sugar as far as linkage or fact checking go. I fee I offend my own intelligence asking the question at all but uhm…

What are they?

No but…what are they?

I did look up Lactaid but as you can see if you follow that link (or any short google search like the one I had the time for but I don’t think I saw a wiki…) 

Because if your question is what is lactaid well…if you have to ask…?

It gives me the creeps ok. And the sugar. I didn’t know they were made by the same ppl too now I have heebies and jeebies. 

No I don’t have research to back that up I’m personally, yet very strongly repulsed by it and I don’t know why. I just get the sense that’s a feeling you fk with? And it’s nbd to avoid right so whatever I’m just documenting my stupid stuff here if you love it just agree to D. I felt “compelled” to write it. 

I don’t understand why people aren’t more interested in/curious about each other. Judgemental is like a first response or something. Maybe not so much around WP (interesting right?) and I dig it. But Sometimes ppl think they’re on a high horse when it’s just jealousy or something. Or maybe they’re right and you’re making an awful mistake because that too happens in life We’d know if we were honest I think. 

Yeah I think I finally have some stuff to write about. It’ll suck as far as technical stuff sooo try to get used to the voice in your head reading like it’s me talking…? Honestly though I forgot all that stuff and never liked rules anyway because Art. I took weird English classes anyway.   

But yeah so but it will be words and it will be here and sometimes stuff happens!

What else do you need I mean really?


Aw man that doesn’t even do justice to the real amounts of ick in this shade of yellow but…yeah not gonna miss it lol. 

Ps if your walls are uglier, prove it. 


19 thoughts on “Missippi Queen 

      1. YES show me!!!!!! i would need to just move. I could not have lived with that color. Is it so bad it reminds me of puke?????

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      2. Omg i just looked at the flower ones. I missed that before. How on earth can you live this way! The color is throughout the entire place???

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Hahaha I just added those for you silly bc you asked bc…idk you enjoy eye pain apparently hahaha. Yeah most of the home is either some yellow shade or this neutral tan which I actually love. I’ve made very bad paint choices of my own before (neons once…green in the living room with an orange bathroom *gag*) but yellow is still worse for me idk. We can tolerate it bc I put cool stuff anywhere I could hang it and bc the home itself is actually adorable (makes the color choices even sadder tho lol)


      4. Oh I have also made very bad paint choices!!! We wanted this beige/tan type color and came home and the whole damn house was peach. PEACH. It still is. But we’ve hung so much stuff it kind of masks it. Depending on the time of day and light it sometimes looks beige more than peach. I SUCK at picking colors. I guess that is why most people put swatches up and buy little samples and paint strips. I don’t see the living room pics yet. Prob hasnt updated. Will check back for some eye damaging moments 🙂

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      5. I actually don’t suck at colors, blind as I am lol. If you ever wanna show me some swatches I’d love to help. Interior decorating was my secret dream job as a kid. Family didn’t believe in anything artsy tho so I majored in law. Sad, sad panda.
        Rofl yeah I can show you these ugly walls anytime…til June anyway lol then I get my own walls. I. Can’t. Fkn. Wait. You’ll see 😉
        Those lil sample cans are free at lowes btw…I have one now and makin it stretch lol. It’s awesome just grab one and then grab something ugly from a thrift store and paint away. It’s…nice. (: xoxo btw…peach is a great color. Accent with gray or white or both…a touch of gold would be pretty too. The dollar store flowers are so very useful too lol. Xoxo


      6. That’s a gift!!!! I WILL show you swatches if I ever paint. These are such great ideas! Thank you !!!! So you majored in law but your love was for design. You are a girl of many talents. So well rounded!!!
        You know, my mom hung these awful fucking red curtains and as soon as mom left I just bought new ones that are white with these leaves on it and i LOVE it and in the kitchen I hung just plan white flowy ones and i love it too. It goes well with the peach. And the pictures we have hanging are matted in gray. So i guess somewhere in my brain i knew that it would look better with peach than what we had

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      7. That sounds so fresh and pretty! I love the color scheme as you describe it. It’s close to what I picked for our bedroom blush pink and grey (also our wedding colors lol) get your nest on girl it feels kinda nice sometimes! Try to notice little things you dislike and take control of that shiz! Haha. Toss it. Make it new. Boom.
        I majored in law Bc my family told me art would never be a job. Rofl@that now. They were SO wrong but it was too late for me at that point. The Hub taught me about design after we got married. He’s an actual human who has art for a job lol who knew?! 😜 you have many talents too ya know! Just play around with stuff. I’m thinking of doing some paper mache…used to love that. Sorry it’s taking me so long to respond (we are STILL moving) but I’m here and I still wanna see/know everything so keep talking I’m around here somewhere…xoxo


      8. How cool is that you married an artistic man. I bet your house is awesomely decorated.
        I am good at tossing things I don’t like but as for decorating it is not my forte. I really don’t have too many talents come to think of it. Mothering. I can mother. I have a talent of loving animals and those close to me. That is about it. I don’t think that is an art form. It’s just me. Even as a waterskier I was not THAT good. I was average. I was good at my job with hospice because I loved them. But yeah, deocorating, drawing, painting, dancing. I suck at all of that.
        I’m gonna leave that cool shit to you k!

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      9. I have to agreetoD that you don’t have talents and that you’re “not good” at the ones you do have bc I actually say the same thing of myself and yet here you are complimenting talents I didn’t think I had or was good at! lol! So you made me wonder who ever said we had to be “good” or even defined what good was? Idk who so…guess we can say that from now on it will be us who decides that stuff. It was probably us all along lol.
        In that case I declare us all talented AND sufficient. Because when it comes to stuff we’re supposed to be enjoying, if we had fun then we nailed it. If we don’t have fun then it wasn’t something we wanted to do anyway lol.
        I know for a fact that you are talented so forget skillz and enjoy the hell out of the experience. Then you’ll be a pro. 😉
        My house will be awesomely decorated when I can afford to do it but as for now I’m just practicing lol. Most of it is trash I’ve repurposed or dollarstore crap I’ve disguised with spray paint rofl. I get a lot of inspiration from Pinterest tho I’ll warn you I don’t use too many tutorials bc they make me feel like the writer is a big fat liar when I can’t make it work for me haha. Might just be me tho…
        See I can explain away my talents too! lol we should stop doin that it takes the magic out.
        Decorating is just you making your space a place you wanna be in, imo. No skill necessary just the question “what do you want/like?” lol or some rooms have needs and ask their own questions like bedrooms “relaxing” and “sanctuary” are things I need mine to be so since I have an idea of what that means for me, it’s not hard to think of a “design”. How you go about doing that depends on you…iif you’re willing diy it,if you’re not and you have $$ pay someone! If you’re happy not decorating then you’re done! Haha I hope I helped a little this got lengthy but felt important xoxo


      10. I love that perspective ” we are all talented and sufficient” that is pure awesomeness.
        In our house I put up things that do exactly that. Make it my own sanctuary. It would not fit everyone’s taste but I want to look around and feel calm at what I see not just what is appealing or “in” style but what makes me happy. So I mostly have framed photographs of animals on all of the walls. I’ve got no color scheme going on here.

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      11. lol I like it too that was you inspired I’ve never put those words together before haha. Yay (:
        Yep that’s perfect! Not sure when we all started worrying what other ppl thought of OUR walls but soon as I noticed myself doing it I stopped and I try to free others when I find them. You are free, my child! Haha. Do you want a color scheme? I’m looking forward to white walls after living with the color choices of someone else the last 10yrs lol so I get not wanting to scheme it’s a pain in the ass if you’re not feeling it/don’t care anyway. Xo


      12. You know…i dont think I do want a color scheme! I like flowery things. I like paisley things. I like animal things. I love the color blue and sage-ish green. But if i had to repaint all the walls i would want bright so that i could put anything on the walls.

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      13. Same here (: I like the idea of “accent” colors that I can change with my mood/energy lol. A lot of my crafting these days is just stuff to put on walls that’s cheap enough to take down and scrap for parts later when I’m bored haha. In that way i can think of myself as unpredictable and stuff but the technical term is probably just ADD lol. Perspective. xo


      14. I think you would cringe if you saw the living room right now. It’s pretty funny. My daughter is a vegan and has decided that sitting on leather furniture is an abomination. So there is currently a purple sheet on the recliner. A blue sheet on the couch. And pillows of every color. It’s a freaking junk fest in here! I’ll have to post a picture so you can laugh.
        I think it’s pretty cool that you change things around and craft and then recraft. My daughter did pottery for awhile and we have the things she made all around. My grandmother’s little vases here and there. The living room has a wolf drawing framed. The kitchen has a mother daughter elephant framed. It’s a mishmash but I like it.


      15. At times yes it’s very puke reminiscent lol. I posted living room pics in this post a few mins ago let me know your feels.

        Oh btw the yellow bedroom…they def painted the inside of the closet and the bathroom a bright aqua-ish color bc well…clearly they were into high contrast…? Lol dude idk but yeah can’t wait to have my very own walls. (;


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