Sprinkles on the Icecream Cone of Life

I used to think of myself as a pretty good friend. Maybe I was once upon a time but I mean…you guys know…I can barely commit to a blog. Psychiatrists could probably explain all that for you but I’m actually here to apologize, not make excuses. 

Guys…my sorries. It’s not a lack of love, just brain cells and time. 

I’m actually speaking of one friend in particular at the moment…she’d been randomly on my minds backburner lately and when my mother law told me she was in need of this friends creative talents, I went on a hunt for her. Yeah. It’s been so shamefully long that I couldn’t remember my friends Etsy shop name (not bc i wasn’t a total addict for her work I just suck at names and time) but anyway I found her and aww…she’s such cool ppl. I smiled in my heart place when I saw her shop again. And then I put all of it in my cart. If I coulda bought it all I would and all I’d do is just…stare at it lol. Which is totally all you need to do with it anyway bc….well ok. I’m gonna just show ya. Hope she doesn’t mind…we haven’t spoken since my mother sent me running and screaming from Etsy almost 2 yrs ago. 

I grabbed these photos from her Blog. I’m sure I don’t have to explain why I mean…

Well if you click the above linkage you’ll see that she does all those itty bitty details herself…one by microscopic one. I’m pretty jealous of her eyesight. And her steady hand. I’d hulk out all over everyone’s faces if I tried it. Jealous is the wrong word but I suck at those too…lol I’m a mess. 

Oh also her Etsy shop! I rarely get to shop but I’ve given her lil kits to ppl as Christmas gifts before and the recients had just as much fun as I always did just…staring…her work really is somethin. 

And no I’m not doing a promo or anything. She has no idea I’m writing this (really haven’t spoken in loooong minute) everything I’m saying is just true. 

And true things are true. Also I wasn’t sure I’d ever gotten around to mentioning her in the past and she deserves it imo. Tbvh I’ve met so many incredible e-peeps that I do hesitate to single any of you out because you all deserve an Atta-boy imho. 

Here’s a few pics of things she’s made me in the past. Because pretty things….

My pics have really gone down hill lol I’m sorry. It might prove my whole this stuff is too cute for words thing pretty well though. 

I’ve linked both her shop and her blog in this post already (I hide links in words but in the app version I’m not sure you can see that so…

ThurstonPost y’all
Haha. Enjoy. I know I do. 


Ps did not proof read this at all. Buybusy and all. Also lazy. ❤


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