Message, Man. 

twenty one pilots – Message Man Lyrics | Musixmatch

Once upon a time I was a writer. Yep. True story. I got my first journal at age 5 and kept one faithfully until I was 19 and got married. I read everything I could get my hands on. I was always reading, writing, or musicing. My former self would be very confused by me. 

Well…she is. I am. Idk wtf.  But anyway at some point I just lost my words and my attention span gets shorter daily. I don’t get that either. For a while i mourned this lost gift. I have no desire to tell stories now (though I still love when other people tell them) I write now for therapy. And because…I have to. It’s in the job description. Which isn’t fair given that I have no art for words anymore. Inside my head yes but it does not come out of me anymore. I’m surprised any of you attempt to muddle your way through any of this…

Why? lol no I’m really asking. 

Am I like the bearded lady at the circus? I can accept that. 

And I’m learning to accept that I need you. All of you. Because when I don’t have the words, someone somewhere always does. I need that. Because Message Man…

That makes no sense to you does it. I do apologize…it’s embarrassing and humbling for me. It also doesn’t help that my autocorrect changes things behind my back sometimes…

I have 2 more posts I need to do. However I hear the kids bus pulling up now so…enjoy the song. Or read the lyrics. Some ppl prefer that. It’s art (and art is language) either way. 



9 thoughts on “Message, Man. 

    1. Dunno…it’s like I have this urge to speak (the feeling is similar to the urge to use the potty lol excerpt it’s in your head) but when I get here I can’t put my thoughts down in any sort of organized flow suitable for reading. It’s frustrating like being a toddler again. My old writing was not amazing lol but it did make sense and had a lot more self confidence. I’ll get there. Lol thanks tho…I guess it’s better than boring right haha xoxo


  1. I think you do have the words, if anything you may be a little hesitant as to the order you wish to place them. You have the ability to communicate your emotions. Be well, have a great weekend. Hugs

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    1. Thank you! That means ever so much to me. I think you’re right about the hesitance. I’m gonna try and just let it flow. I got what I got and the weird urge to share it so I’ll just do it lol. I need to learn emotions so my writing is awkward in part because idk myself and that is a writing requirement. Art in general needs some introspection to be genuine and genuine is all that matters. That I can do. Thanks again Scottie! Made my day lol. Take care xoxo

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