I’ve actuallly been rolling a post just like this around in my brains for over a week but just couldn’t seem to find the words…

Thankfully one of you always does. I love this. And the comments! I love the whole vibe of, you know, thinking. We’re thinking again guys!
Don’t stop there though. Ask questions and get some answers. Yeah I just quoted little mermaid. It happens.
Also…consider that we can have these thoughts and discussions now Bc were not complaining…we’re finally asking why. There’s a lot of mess here atm but it’s not ours. Keep an eye out for the things that irk you about your life and anaylize that shit Bc why deal with bs if you don’t have to. Life could actually be…enjoyable. Yup. I think it could.
Personally I’m slowly but surely going “basic”. All “adulting” is questioned now because I’m finding that a lot of it makes no damn sense and frankly I just don’t wanna. So…Nope!
Try it guys. What’ve you got to lose..?
Anyway shutting up now because this guy already kinda nailed it. Thanks again for getting my brains cooking I needed that. xo

HarsH ReaLiTy

The sad part is that we call ourselves the land of the free, but we are really the land of those that got here first. Those that took, made, and gambled on themselves. Economies aren’t built overnight and the systems that make those economies also take time to become working systems. The irony in all this healthcare debate is that the true culprits are the insurance companies we gave free reign to charge and create what policies they wanted in hopes that with their growth a system would grow into our growing economy at the time. And it worked. Why wouldn’t it? You basically gave insurance companies a way to bank on the healthcare of the American people and tons of people became wealthy. People are becoming wealthy off the deaths and sicknesses from your neighborhoods everyday.

One day someone asked “who is actually paying attention to who regulates what…

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