Generation Nope. 

Well I already attempted a reblog but I believe this needs to be passed on so I’m making quite sure that I do. 

America, sweety, we are not free. 

We could be. And quite easily. I think maybe, soonishly, we will be. For reals this time. At least for a little bit humans always trade peace and common prosperity for power and greed eventually. We happen to be a generation that saw the grown ups make a big mess and if you’re like me you always kinda knew they’d make you clean it up…


We do have choices. We just kinda forgot because we’re all kinda busy, right? 

Mhm. Roll that around in your brains too. 

Shutting up now so you can read this. It’s better. 
I have so much to say but uuughh….nope! Soon. 

Ps sorry about the dumb little graphic…my brain had the vision but not the patience to see it through. You get the point though. 



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