End Credits

As I write this the sound coming from my little blue tooth speaker literally makes the room around it pulsate. It’s the sort of thing that I usually hate because the sound is similar to that thing that happens in your ears when you stand up too fast. 

I love it at the moment. And only in this particular song. I can’t explain it, but this song somehow taught me to…meditate?!

I don’t do that. 

Except I am. And…now I’m even admitting it and passing on. It’s that good. 

Not just a song either, I’ve got an album for ya! Personally I do play the album as if it were one long song because that’s quite how it flows. 

(Made that as I was listening lol. I’m no pro don’t judge the artist by my app editing skillz..)

Genius. Oh and the meditation sorta thing is only 4 mins at the beginning. The first time it came up in Spotify I almost skipped it because like I said, that kinda thing is not my jam. Meditation, when I try it on purpose, makes me more anxious than ever because I can’t do the whole “clear your mind thing” lol. Seriously if I could do that I wouldn’t need to meditate right? 

When I do it organically as in the case of this album, it does wonders for my perspective. So I wanna give it to you. Just in case. 

End Credits on YouTube

The artist has amazing insight for someone so young I’m almost physically jealous haha. He does this thing where he pops sound bites from Alan watts in his songs sometimes and I love it. Another unexpected reaction to the same album. It has character I guess. It means a lot to me. 

They’re actually gonna be here for firefly festival (30mins away!) this Thursday but alas, too rich for my blood. Sad panda. 

I had some trouble posting links the other day so if these don’t work for you, please let me know in the comments thanks (:

Enjoy guys. Xoxo


2 thoughts on “End Credits

  1. Oh this is for sure a song to clear your mind! I’ve never heard it. I could just imagine myself laying in the middle of my hard looking at the clouds and being totally OM. Love it. Had to download Spotify which I’ve never even heard of. Had no idea it existed and you can just listen to music! I need to move into this century.


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