Put it Down for Me…

Look idk why ok haha. I just…well I went back to Tennessee ofc. A few times. I’ve gone through some sort of personal hell, growing pains, every damn time.  Which is weird because my sister is…essential. I cannot explain it.i love being  with her so much but inside..I’m learning some tough shit. Anyway this was the first song I  heard in the airport waiting for my (2nd!) flight home. It felt like….

Fk Yeah. 

I have no idea what the lyrics mean they sound like random words at times but it just…jams for me atm. 

Boy you came up, ya finally came up. 

Put it Down For Me  
Ps after this song, Layla by Eric Clapton comes on lol. Love Spotify but I wish they’d just let me take over for a sec and tweak it. Just a lil. Aw…well anyway. They’ll figure it out 

Gonna try to have a piece Of my old work as the image when I post so unless unless I credit link another artist, the work is mine. That’s another trail I’ve left. Maybe it’ll inspire me to paint again. Or maybe you?  



14 thoughts on “Put it Down for Me…

      1. Oh my I bet that was a busy hospital! I love TN the universe just fks with me every time I go there. Yes your stories! They’re on my list for my smoke break reading today lol. Been savin it 😜 xo

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