Put it Down for Me…

Look idk why ok haha. I just...well I went back to Tennessee ofc. A few times. I've gone through some sort of personal hell, growing pains, every damn time.  Which is weird because my sister is...essential. I cannot explain it.i love being  with her so much but inside..I'm learning some tough shit. Anyway this was the [...]


Sympathy for the Devil

Obviously I’ll have to write a follow up for this but pls god or whoever…not tonight. This post makes no sense to anyone but me and Hub gets most…but when I seem to be dancing around a “something” that’s cuz I am. But I can’t anymore..lol xo

Earth to Bella

Remember those private posts I mentioned…well I had no idea what I’d find to be honest  Anyway this needs to happen and WP is hard so I’m probably doin it the worst way  Sorry…I gotta follow the path *shrugs*

Ok so she’s not the devil.

Great song, though. The reference might be a sort of jab…I can’t say. They are her favorite band, after all.

But no, jabbing isn’t really my style. Sympathy for the Devil is more of a reference to my previous post and to my own actions than anything else right now.

This is Take 2. Take one was an attempt to explain the inexplicable and had to be abandoned. During the brief recess between the two I may have given in to the urge to smoke which may have led me to drive to the gas station during which drive I might have been pulled over…

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All my friends are heathens take it slow... -21 Pilots  You people have been making my brain itch... No, it's ok tis a good thing sometimes, thinking. Very distracting though.  First this guy with his post about abandoned blogs, then The Hub starts reflecting on his younger self and now I'm all... Thinky and shit. Yes I did just [...]