End Credits

As I write this the sound coming from my little blue tooth speaker literally makes the room around it pulsate. It's the sort of thing that I usually hate because the sound is similar to that thing that happens in your ears when you stand up too fast.  I love it at the moment. And [...]


Generation Nope. 

Well I already attempted a reblog but I believe this needs to be passed on so I'm making quite sure that I do.  America, sweety, we are not free.  We could be. And quite easily. I think maybe, soonishly, we will be. For reals this time. At least for a little bit humans always trade [...]


All my friends are heathens take it slow... -21 Pilots  You people have been making my brain itch... No, it's ok tis a good thing sometimes, thinking. Very distracting though.  First this guy with his post about abandoned blogs, then The Hub starts reflecting on his younger self and now I'm all... Thinky and shit. Yes I did just [...]